Our assessment:

  • Printed leaflets are essential for informing tourists of what is on offer in the surrounding area.
  • In the internet era, it is not necessary to produce comprehensive but expensive large documents that are too bulky for the customer to keep for long.
  • Most tourist sites have a website: the Visites Passion leaflet is the natural link with your website and enables you to publish seasonal or promotional information.
  • The cost of printing and distributing a traditional pamphlet requires considerable financial resources, which many tourist sites do not have.

A small, inexpensive printed document that tourists will keep

  • The Visites Passion leaflet contains essential information in a fun format: the advertiser’s organisation and contact details on the front, a summary of services on the back.
  • It costs 5 to 8 times less than the classic 3 page pamphlet.
  • The Visites Passion leaflet is environment friendly: It consumes 9 times less paper than the traditional pamphlet (A4), and it is produced with recycled paper or FSC
  • There is a standardised format for all regions so it is easy to identify, to keep and to store.

An attractive and effective “pirate-proof” display panel

For advertisers:

  • The attractive visual presentation of the leaflets on the Visites Passion display panel and the variety of the information appeal to the tourists.
  • Your reserved space cannot be used by others: the perforated leaflets are hung on hooks which are not suitable for traditional pamphlets.

For reception areas:

  • Saves space: the Visites Passion display panel presents the maximum information in the minimum space.
  • Very quick to install with minimum inconvenience to the reception staff: the panels are prepared in the workshop and can be swapped by a standard procedure in a matter of minutes.
  • The panels are sturdy and durable and are safe to use in public places.
  • Web and mobile phone version of the concept to internet and mobile phones

    • Since 2013, the tourist leaflets also appear on our mainstream website www.visitespassion.info, and on the Visites Passion mobile phone app, downloadable free of charge.
    • Your Visites Passion campaign is multimedia and aimed at all types of tourist from traditional holidaymakers to those who use the internet.

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